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If you don’t really know about this amazing framework (Durandal.js) for building SPA application , I really recommend you take a look on it .

A general issue when deploying SPA applications is dealing with the cashed views and view models on the browser . When we navigate to version 1 and deploying version 2 browsers will not take our new modifications.

I face this issue also with Durandal, but fortunately I found a very nice solution using Durandal optimizer.

When you run the optimizer , it will create a new file called main-build.js , it bundles all the Durandal app parts (including our modules)  in a single file  under the APP folder , then I deploy it with the original version to the server .

When deploying a new version , I create a new file and append to it version number (min-build-V1.0.0.0.js) , then the browser will download the new update application.

Hope this help .



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Very interesting presentation about SPA application principals.

5 single page application principles developers need to know.

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In the last time , I was looking for a framework helping me build composite SPA application using java-script . I was looking for something like (Prism for WPF and Silverlight).

I found an extremely easy and effective one called (Durandal.js).  Its very simple to get started with and highly customization.

If you are in the SPA field this is height recommended framework to sit on it.

Actually I was quite confused about all the framework out there dealing with very similar feature like Angular.js , I found this cool article explaining Durandal.js vs. Angular.js and it can be a basic comparison with other frameworks like (Backbone.js …).

Enjoy Durandal.

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