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In the current days I’m trying to integrate Breeze.js with my SPA application. Its a very interesting and useful tool helping to apply data manipulation with the backed server.

I encountered a problem using this library to run on IE 8 .

Fortunately I found a workaround with the es5-shim.js library .

You can do this steps and the problem will disappear.

1. Install Nuget Package -> es5-shim  (https://github.com/kriskowal/es5-shim/blob/master/README.md )
5. Include in App_Start/BundleConfig .Include("~/scripts/es5-shim.js")
              new ScriptBundle("~/scripts/libs")

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Best list of DON’Ts that you can apply today at work! Come see Damian Edwards, Senior Program Manager on the ASP.NET team, share internals, secrets and not-so-secrets of the ASP.NET APIs that you should be exploiting and the ones you should be avoiding.


I collect the slides images from the video , they summarize all the issues.


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One of Microsoft’s Best-Kept Secrets – Python Tools for Visual Studio (PTVS) – Scott Hanselman.



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I found this interesting list of online IDEs . You can find them in this link and navigate to see all of the 15.

Online IDEs

Cloud9 IDE | Online IDE – Your code anywhere, anytime — Urlist.

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Really interesting and helpful tool . Code Digger analyzes possible execution paths through your .NET code

Microsoft Code Digger extension.

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HTML Inspector is a code quality tool to help you and your team write better markup. It’s written in JavaScript and runs in the browser, so testing your HTML has never been easier.

philipwalton/html-inspector · GitHub.

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In the last time , I was looking for a framework helping me build composite SPA application using java-script . I was looking for something like (Prism for WPF and Silverlight).

I found an extremely easy and effective one called (Durandal.js).  Its very simple to get started with and highly customization.

If you are in the SPA field this is height recommended framework to sit on it.

Actually I was quite confused about all the framework out there dealing with very similar feature like Angular.js , I found this cool article explaining Durandal.js vs. Angular.js and it can be a basic comparison with other frameworks like (Backbone.js …).

Enjoy Durandal.

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