If you don’t really know about this amazing framework (Durandal.js) for building SPA application , I really recommend you take a look on it .

A general issue when deploying SPA applications is dealing with the cashed views and view models on the browser . When we navigate to version 1 and deploying version 2 browsers will not take our new modifications.

I face this issue also with Durandal, but fortunately I found a very nice solution using Durandal optimizer.

When you run the optimizer , it will create a new file called main-build.js , it bundles all the Durandal app parts (including our modules)  in a single file  under the APP folder , then I deploy it with the original version to the server .

When deploying a new version , I create a new file and append to it version number (min-build-V1.0.0.0.js) , then the browser will download the new update application.

Hope this help .



In the current days I’m trying to integrate Breeze.js with my SPA application. Its a very interesting and useful tool helping to apply data manipulation with the backed server.

I encountered a problem using this library to run on IE 8 .

Fortunately I found a workaround with the es5-shim.js library .

You can do this steps and the problem will disappear.

1. Install Nuget Package -> es5-shim  (https://github.com/kriskowal/es5-shim/blob/master/README.md )
5. Include in App_Start/BundleConfig .Include("~/scripts/es5-shim.js")
              new ScriptBundle("~/scripts/libs")

Best list of DON’Ts that you can apply today at work! Come see Damian Edwards, Senior Program Manager on the ASP.NET team, share internals, secrets and not-so-secrets of the ASP.NET APIs that you should be exploiting and the ones you should be avoiding.


I collect the slides images from the video , they summarize all the issues.



One of Microsoft’s Best-Kept Secrets – Python Tools for Visual Studio (PTVS) – Scott Hanselman.



Very interesting article for choosing twitter bootstrap or not , I think it can help to decide also for other frameworks.

When to Use (or Not Use) Twitter Bootstrap | Flippin’ Awesome.

When to Use (or Not Use) Twitter Bootstrap | Flippin' Awesome



Very interesting library for generating random string in JavaScript . I found it very helpful while building unit test to my JavaScript code.

Chance.js: Utility library to generate anything random for JavaScript.

I found this interesting list of online IDEs . You can find them in this link and navigate to see all of the 15.

Online IDEs

Cloud9 IDE | Online IDE – Your code anywhere, anytime — Urlist.